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Always wear helmets before riding the vehicle. Use only genuine Xiao Ni Siruwadi battery charger which offers the exact voltage and current value which increase the battery life. Make sure your battery should always be charged above 10% to enjoy hasslefree driving experience. Ensure the regular checkup of air-pressure, warning signals in the display area (speedometer). Always park your vehicle in the safe area. Keep the battery always dry. While charging the battery outside from the vehicle , keep it at a safe distance from water and Childrens. Avoid Extra weight for seamless and limitless experience. Keep the moving parts well Serviced and stick to a scheduled cleaning of your vehicle.


Never leave your vehicle unattended with childrens. Never ride the vehicle with 3 passengers and avoid Overloading with the things. Never mix drink and driving , it's both unsafe for you vehicle and yourself.For us customer safety is our first concern. Leaving your vehicle uncharged for a long time may cause severe harm to the battery. And also for the built safety and security system. Never leave your vehicle in the freezing cold/ Under the sun for a long time. It may cause Catastrophic damage to the vehicles. Leaving it dirty may cause rust to the metal parts and cause physical damage to your vehicle , which is not covered in warranty. Never ride your vehicle with overfilled tyre or flattened tyres arising issue in balancing and make your ride bubbly. Never ride your vehicle with faulty brakes , don't miss the service indication and error messages. Do not wait until the last minute of the charge in the battery.

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